Christmas Memories: Look Alike Nightgowns

As I prepare for the Christmas season I am flooded with memories of holiday seasons past. This month I am going to reflect on those memories and capture the moments I remember so well in celebration of Christmas.
It is funny the little things that stick in your memory long after the event has happened. Some days I can't remember what I wore the day before, but can remember the matching pajamas from years ago.

One Christmas I think Grandma Woolum gave the whole family matching pajamas. This was before my sister was born and we lived on 14 E. Portland. I don't have any pictures of those pajamas, but I remember how special I thought it was to have matching pajamas. Grandma Woolum pulled through again a few years later after Carol was born. As you can see from the picture above only the sisters had the matching nightgowns. I guess the Crescent didn't have sets that included brothers.

I think one thing I loved about having the matching pajamas was opening them on Christmas Eve. We hardly ever got to open presents on Christmas Eve, but I guess grandma thought we needed to wear them to bed while we waited for Santa to come, so she trumped Dad when it came to present rules on Christmas Eve.

Our family never again had matching shirts, sweatshirts, or pajamas for any occasion. Perhaps we start up the tradition again!

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  1. What a wonderful memory of matching nightgowns. It certainly stirred memories of my own. Thanks for sharing.


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