An Idaho Treasure: The Cataldo Mission

A few weeks ago when I was visiting family in Kellogg I made a stop at the Cataldo Mission. I love to stop and just be still on that hill above the river remembering all that has come to pass at this spot.
I remember the Cataldo Mission before it was restored. (I took this on Nostalgia setting)
I also remember it as a beacon on the hill that meant we were almost home after a long car trip.

 I was reminded that it was and still is a gathering place for the Indians and many are buried here.
I remember when the river that runs behind the mission wasn't so clean.

 This is probably how photos looked that I took on my 4th grade field trip.

 It truly is an Idaho treasure.

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  1. The Mission was especially interesting in a way before it was restored. I remember when I was like in the first grade visiting it, There were still the original wooden pegs. There was always a feeling of awe. Very nice pictures.


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