November 12th: Today I Am Thankful for My Sister

Today I will be spending my day working side by side with my sister on some projects at her house. It is always fun when we have a day we can spend together. It doesn't matter if we are working or playing, it is always a barrel of laughs! I am thankful for my sister because she inspires me with her talents. Her good heart and thoughtful deeds also make me thankful I am her sister. Not only do I get to spend the day with her, but also get to watch her perform in a new show at the 6th St. Theater in Wallace, Idaho this evening. From sunrise to sunset it will be a treat.


  1. You're very lucky to have a sister. I cherish my "summer sisters" that we see each summer at Twin Lakes.

  2. Ah, very sweet. There is nothing like family time.


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