Celebrating National Poetry Month #13: Where Our Hearts Find Peace

Where Our Hearts Find Peace

to JEJ

Through the greenhouse

During early spring,

Near the vegetable garden

Toward hot, dry summer,

Inside the gazebo

Throughout the unfolding of fall,

Beside the driveway,

Within the cold, bleak winter.

Past the blooming America roses,

In front of the scarlet geraniums,

Between the blossoms in the cutting garden

Despite the dogs and cats.

Among the budding of the Livin’ Easy,

Near the lavender and sedum,

Within the Lucy Garden

Except in the cold of winter.

In front of the climbing roses,

Between the vibrant colors from the hanging blossoms,

Along the path of fragrant alyssum,

Before the frost beckons fall.

Outside we built this quiet retreat

Near a place of natural beauty,

By glorious sunrise and fading sunset

Since our hearts have now found peace.

by inland empire girl, february,2006


  1. I LOVE the tulip! love*it*!

  2. Another beautiful poem...This one just carries you along! National Poetry Month should be National Poetry Quarter, so we can enjoy more of your work!


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