Required Slowdown: No Power

Things have been way too busy in my life lately. I got home late yesterday with a bag of work and a list of "to-dos" and I felt swamped before I got out of the car. Just when I was ready to do dinner preparations, the power went off! The meal moved to the barbecue and I felt my sense of being overwhelmed begin to slowly fade away. I got to sit and talk with my husband. I could move through the early evening slowly. Avista said the power would be back on by 9:00. I stretched out on my chaise lounge, lit the propane lantern, read and dozed.
Isabelle joined me as we felt full relaxation. Later the message changed and the power was not to come on until 2:00 a.m. It was early to bed with some reading with a flashlight and a peaceful end to a very hectic day. The only disruption later was when the power came back on a bit after midnight and all the lights were on.
It was a slowdown I needed. Today I feel refreshed. Perhaps we should just turn off our power every so often to slow down the busyness of life!


  1. I could use a "power out"... Life just gets to be too much some days. Isabelle looks so content! I think I'll indulge myself and go do a bit of reading right now.

  2. Funny how the house stirs to life at the most inopportune times after an outage. You never remember how many tings were on.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to a long weekend (no school on Monday because of Columbus Day. And we have an in-service on Tuesday, too, so no kids (and no grading)until Wednesday!

  4. yeeeeees, indeed. I love the vision of you reading by flashlight. Did you used to do this at camp? I did. I bet where you are there are millions and millions of stars in the night sky.

    Know what I liked about the Moving Inside postZ? The fire in the stove! You nailed that!

  5. I know what you mean. Sometimes a loss of power can be a nice slow down as long as you have supplemental heat. I'm glad it worked out for you.

  6. It is kinda nice to be forced to slow down.. you have SUCH a pleasant attitude :)

  7. Sounds like just what the Dr. ordered, and you took advantage of it :) We need one of those propane lanterns. We had several blackouts this summer.
    Those kitties of yours sure know how to relax :) Enjoyed all the photos, including the fire shots.
    You captured that cozy warm glow very nicely in these last 3 posts.
    Glad you got to slow down for an evening. I'm looking forward to the long weekend after 3 solid weeks at school. I need to catch up at home!


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