This is What I Know, November 6, 2017

I know that it is hard to beat the beauty of northern Idaho. Whether I am driving in my town, driving around the county, or taking trips further away I am always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. I try to find beauty in all four seasons. I think on my last trip I saw weather from almost all four seasons. It was still full of beauty. I love the place I call home.


This is What I Know: October 28,2017

This is what I know. Today is my dad's birthday . He would have been 87 years old. I am sure Mom baked him his favorite cake in heaven today.


This is What I Know, October 24,2017

This is what I know. Our puppy Riley has brought our household new energy, joy, laughter, puppy kisses, a floor full of treasures he has found here and there, and a happy big brother dog Tucker.  We love life with Riley!


This Is What I Know: October 23,2017

I know that fallen autumn leaves arranged naturally on the ground can create a beautiful painting by Mother Nature.

This Is What I Know: October 22, 2017

I know the trees of Kellogg are beautiful in October.

October is a symphony of permanence and change.    Bonaro W. Overstreet


This is What I Know, October 21,2017

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."  -Haruki Murakam

Today I know that book lovers can always find much to discuss when it comes to favorite authors and titles. Recently I did a talk to a group of women entitled "Happiness is Books". Ahead of time I had each person send me a list of favorite books. I shared the compiled list with everyone. What I love when people share books is how there may be some common threads, but most lists are unique to the reader. What titled showed up on more than one list? The Bible, Jane Eyre, A Man Called Ove, This House of  Sky,and Dr. Suess titles.

Talking about beloved books led to more discussion about books each reader could add to their own "to read" list. I think by the time we were done, each person had a good list of books to find and read. This always happens when you get book lovers together. The titles I shared were:

The End of Your Life Book Club     Will Schwalbe
My Kitchen Year, 136 Recipes That Saved my Life  Ruth Reichl
The Glass Castle   Jeannette Walls
Into Thin Air, Into the Wild, Under that Banner of Heaven, and Where Men Win Glory Jon Krakauer


This is What I Know, October 13, 2017

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Some sneak peeks from the reception at Carol's house after Mom's memorial service last week.  Above brother Bill with lifelong friends Roger and Terry. A slideshow is coming.
sister Carol and lifelong friend Kellee

good friends

Class of '72 and friends/spouses with Coach Curry

glorious food

This Is What I Know, October 12, 2017

Today I know that music can transport you to another time or another place. I put together a playlist for my mother's memorial service held last week. The music played before and after the service. While I was making decisions about what songs to choose, I relived memory after memory of the songs of my youth. Mom and Dad had a collection of record albums that included a few by the pianist Roger Williams. A song that was played often in our household was "Misty", a jazz standard written in 1954 by pianist Erroll Garner. This is one song I chose for the playlist. I remember hearing this piano version on the old record player, but also vocal versions by Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald.  Enjoy this version played at Mom's service: