Sibling Photo Assignment #4: My Hometown

Here is what we are taking photos of this week.
" Using the theme My Hometown share a set of photos of places that have been around since you were a child. " I will link the sibs' posts when they are complete. Teeters Field has had a big overhaul since I was a child, but those bleachers still stand strong on the hill.

Since I now live in my hometown of Kellogg again, I see the places that have been with me since I was a child almost every day. I decided to take pictures of buildings in Kellogg for my assignment. I noticed as I was taking photos that brick was a primary material for buildings back in the day. Many of these buildings are now being renovated, but the exteriors have really held up through weather, smelter smoke, and age. Enjoy your tour.
According to town information, the same man bought the MConnell Hotel and the Lincoln School. Both are being renovated. Word has it the hotel will be a sporting goods store.

The school is being used for a knife manufacturing business, according to town sources.
I never remember a time this building wasn't here. Go Wildcats!

Still in the same place with a new sign. 

The old sign with the fancy drink is still present at the Inland Lounge.

Lots of memories at this bowling alley, both in the alley and upstairs for many events. Word on the street is it will become a commercial bakery. Clean up was being done today.

Some parts of Bunker HIll are still intact.

Making the Staff House into a museum was a good call. Beautiful building, good use.

Sibling Assignment #183: Rediscovering Sunnyside School

Brother Bill gave the assignment this week.
Last night I was in Best Shots. I admired how it looks now and remembered what it looked like over forty years ago. It triggered memories and stories about the Kopper Keg back in my college days. Write about a place you have been to recently in Kellogg, Cd'A, Moscow, or anywhere else, that is different now than it was in your late teens or early twenties. Write about the physical place then and now and the memories and stories the place triggers. " You can find his here.

I am going to revise the assignment a bit and write about a physical place that is different now than my elementary school days. When Dave Smith Motors continued to grow on the corner of Cameron Ave. and Division St. in Kellogg landmark buildings disappeared. The Rena Theater was replaced with the Service Department building, the veterinarian office became a sales office. Our playground from elementary school became a place to park cars. What did remain intact, but is now used by Dave Smith Motors is Sunnyside School. If you look closely in the picture, you can see the silver Sunnyside School letters still there on the brick.

Last fall we decided it was time to replace our car. I had never been to Dave Smith and as we went from car lot to car lot first, then into the sales room, and then by a fireplace, I was a bit overwhelmed. While the details were being worked out, our saleswoman told us of a restaurant that was down a hall and then around a corner. What I didn't realize as we meandered to this small deli was I was walking back in the elementary wing of Sunnyside School. 

I didn't recognize the rooms or the floor and the pictures of Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot, and Puff had been removed from the walls, but slowly my mind made sense of where we were. When I looked out the window while we waited for our food I was really mixed up. How could Macri's  house be out this window? I actually stood up and walked around and realized I was sitting in the foyer in front of the principal's office of Sunnyside School. The view from the window helped me figure it out. You can't come in the front door of Sunnyside School where the office was, but then I did recognize the door. The glass display cases were gone. There were no October pumpkins, January snowmen or spring flowers created by students on display. I think it was just a wall.

We were all sad when the Rena Theater was torn down. Even though I couldn't figure out how  the sales rooms are connected to the elementary wing and principal's office, I am pleased the company kept the Sunnyside building. The older part of the building looks the same. I believe much of it is used for archived paperwork. I heard workers can use the gym. There is a nice grassy area out front that almost helps you forget our hard, dirty kickball/football field of childhood.

On Monday mornings a line would form outside the Sunnyside office as students purchased their strip of red lunch tickets for the week. I was back in line, but I wasn't getting lunch tickets . I think I purchased a chef salad. The dress shirt clad salesmen with their permasmiles was a big departure from Mr. Koepl as he loomed over us in the foyer, clearing his throat and scaring us with his deep voice. 

I should have stayed longer to see if the Borax soap dispensers were still in the bathrooms with the rough, brown paper towels. Of course, the satellite  dish is new.

Sibling Assignment #182: It's Yesterday Once More, Summer of '73.

Brother Bill gave the assignment this week. 

"Reflect back on the summer following your high school graduation and before you started college and write about memories that stand out, feelings you had, things that you did, or whatever pops in your mind when you think about that summer."

I have thought about this assignment a lot. The Summer of '73 was a confusing time for me. I worked under a difficult person in my job, my brother had a horrible accident, I wasn't kind in ending a relationship due to my insecurity and immaturity, I didn't know what to expect preparing for college, but there were fun times with friends that I will always cherish. 

Any time my friends and I get together it always seems like we reflect back on the music of that time. When Dawn and I do craft day she has this great radio station on her television that reminds us of so many memories. When we had another get together her husband made a playlist for the '70s. 

The songs that I remember the most were the anthems of the time that we could belt out in the car, on the dock at the lake, or while sitting around the campfire. It was the year of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", "Morning After", "Touch Me in the Morning", "Killing Me Softly" and "Delta Dawn."

We always had to join the Spinners to ask the question , "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love?' the summer of '73.

Then there were the songs we could sing with perfume bottle microphones. Thank you Carpenters for "Yesterday Once More", then the famous jukebox favorites "Little Willy",  "You'll Never Get to Heaven if You Break My Heart, ' and "Big Bad Leroy Brown."

Even though "Summer Breeze" was popular a year prior we were always a bit behind the times in Kellogg. We loved all the songs on that album: "Summer Breeze", "Hummingbird", and "Diamond Girl." 

What do you notice about these songs. They were upbeat, ones that were easy to sing , and ones that are still with us after all these years.They do melt the years away.  It was hard to decide which videos to feature, but take a step back in time and enjoy. 

What were your favorite songs the Summer of '73?

Sibling Photo Assignment #3: Red, White, and Blue

I once again gave the Sibling Photo Assignment for this week: Three Color Challenge. Consider the colors red, white, and blue. Construct a photo series using these three colors alone or combined in honor of our nation's birthday. Patriotic pictures are not a requirement. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready for red, white, and blue in any way you see pleasing to the eye. Please post by July 4th. 

As I wandered around the gardens today looking at flowers I also thought about bouquets. It had been a long time since I had arranged flowers in a vase. When I planted flowers this year I chose red and white as two colors I wanted to use quite a bit because of the color of the house. It was easy to find a combination of photos that captured the three colors and I got to practice most of the time in manual setting. You can see brother Bill's assignment here.  I will add my sister's when it is posted. 

 First I captured images of flowers outside in red and white.



Fourth of July Rose
red petunia
 Then I added blue to the mix with a vase. Here are some inside photos.