Rain, Last July Tour, New Porch

What a refreshing change to have rainstorms the last two days.
Raindrops help create lovely photos, especially of the vivid colored trumpet vines twining up the trellis by the deck.
I love lots of our lilies, but this one that greeted me when I returned home Friday is quite a showstopper.
JEJ designed and built a new front porch. I didn't get really good pictures of the whole porch, but now we have room to sit on the front porch and here is a lovely view of the front garden.
Speaking of lilies, I received this lovely gift from one of our participants at the summer institute in Moscow. I love the way the setting sun shines through the pretty lily. Thank you Audrey.

Grayson and Junebug Are Now Climbing Trees

Kittens grow so quickly and these two gifted kittens just keep learning new skills.
Their new favorite hobby is to climb the flowering plum. Junebug decided to pose for a photo.
There is a plank used to steady the tree after a windstorm and that works well as a ramp for Grayson.
They love living on the edge.