Sibling Assignment #114: The Gift of Time

Raymond Pert gave us the last sibling assignment for 2009. "Find a photograph you snapped in the last year that epitomizes 2009 for you and explain." I will link my siblings' posts when they are done.This was a challenging sibling assignment because I snapped hundreds of pictures in 2009. I reviewed picture folders today and chose this one:

This is a photo of our gazebo which sits in the northwest part of our yard. JEJ not only designed and built the gazebo from mostly recylced materials, but he built the chairs and did the rock work around the fireplace. This place represents a gift from JEJ and a refuge for me. When it is just warm enough in the spring to go outside we can built a fire and watch the dogs, cats, and birds enjoy the new season. In the summer it is a lovely place to end the day as the gloaming sheds light on the gardens.

I love it the most in the fall. When the air cools in the evening and I want a place to take my mind off teaching, writing, National Boards, and other struggles in the world I can grab a beverage, choose the view, and warm myself by the fire in the gazebo. This gazebo is not new in 2009, but I chose this picture because it represents a goal I set for myself before school started in the late summer. That goal was to prioritize my time and identify what was important during the school year as I challenged myself to work toward  National Board Certification for Teaching. I felt I am reaching that goal as I am part way through the year. One way I have been able to stay focused on my studies is to give myself treats of time. One treat was to be able to sit in the gazebo. On a Saturday as I sat at my desk gazing out the window, the gazebo was what I could see. That was motivation for me to use my time effectively so I could go there and sit.

When focusing on time management things have to take a back seat. Unfortunately I have not had as much time to comment on posts by my blogger friends. Please know I am still visiting and hope to find time soon to comment again.  We have stayed home more on week-ends this school year, but that has ended up being okay. It has been easier to say no to requests at school that weren't really necessary for reaching my goals. JEJ has volunteered to do more trips to town for shopping. All of this gave me that gift of time. As I begin 2010 I look forward to continuing to hold dear the precious gift of time. I put this quote on my Facebook page this week.

" We all get 24 hours a day. It's the only fair thing; it's the only thing that's equal. It's up to us as to what we do with those 24 hours."  Sam Huff

How do you spend your 24 hours each day?

The Best View in Winter

This month the theme for NaBloPoMo is Best. I hope to post each day in January using this theme. I live in a beautiful corner of the world. One place I love to take in the view in winter is from the greenhouse windows. Something about being surrounded by warm, earthy air and the smell of fresh plants inside while observing the hillside of snow- covered pine trees outside is a nice mix of the senses for New Year's Day. Here is the best view in winter:

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