Warding off the Ghouls and Goblins: Sheriff McDuff

Our cat McDuff has affectionately been named The Sheriff because he always poses in protection mode.

Today was no exception. I was glad I caught him on the fence post with the plumes of grass tops around him. I also liked the way the sun appeared on his fur.

Later on McDuff grew weary of the photo session and took a stroll. He decided to give his Deputy Kit marching orders for Halloween night. "Remember.... no ghouls, raccoons, goblins, skunks, or black cats. Can you handle that?"

Kit was off to be on duty. Ah.... another safe night at Martin Creek!


  1. oh the header photo with the delicious colorsof leaves surrounding the water is simply heavenly designed.. natural.. just the way I like it :)

    your cat is precious - just what a cat needs to be.. 'in charge' as far as they are concerned.

    happy november now!


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