Sister Week-End

SVG at Grandma West's house

Tomorrow Silver Valley Girl is arriving at our place. It  has been quite awhile since she has visited here without other family members. She will stop at the orchard down the road to pick up apples and pears and arrive in the afternoon with supplies to can and preserve food. I am looking forward to relaxing, visiting, drying fruit, and taking SVG to our favorite restaurant. I am also preparing a new elderberry syrup to help with the fight against colds and flu. JEJ will harvest elderberries and pick up local honey tomorrow as a base for the syrup.

My sister is a favorite person in the lives of my dogs so they will be smiling and wagging their tails when they see her drive up tomorrow.


  1. Shawna B.16.10.09

    Sounds like a great weekend! Sounds like a warm fuzzy! :)

  2. Love the anticipation in those canine faces!
    Hoping your weekend with Sis sounds wonderful.

  3. I picked the best concords on our arbor... then we headed to Portland. I took jars, pectin, sugar, etc

    and made grape jam with my daughter.

    She's set for the year -- ha!

    My concords just didn't get ripe as in years past. So many green and partially red.


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