Images by JEJ

While I stayed inside today getting out the fall decor, canning dill pickles, and baking zucchini cake and pumpkin bread JEJ had fun with his camera. Between dividing irises and stacking a wood pile he caught some new images with his camera. He kept a fire going in the gazebo in case he needed to stop and warm up. Often we don't get this blaze of color from our Virginia Creepers because they die out from the summer heat. I also love the contrast of colors as he captured the berries in this photo. This is a view we don't often take from the back of the gazebo looking toward the house. This photo shows the beautiful rock work JEJ has done with the path, the borders, the fireplace, and the wall behind the pond. If you are new to this blog, he also build the furniture in the gazebo and the gazebo itself. He thinks he can wrap it this winter so we can enjoy a fire in the gazebo even when the weather is really cold.


  1. I LOVE that you have an open fireplace in your garden :)..... Ive seen that on that Tye Pennington Make Over Telly Programme where they built one in someones garden, I thought then it was quite nifty :)

    Your old man is a bit of a clever clogs aint he ...


  2. This looks like a lovely home full of autumn~

  3. He is a bit of a clever clog... and he loves working with rocks. He hauls them all down from a mountain close to here.
    Crafty... the berries are lovely, aren't they?
    You are right Tammie Lee... I am ready for autumn also.


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