Honoring Harvest and Hermiston Yellow Seedless

One of the simple joys of raising a garden is harvesting those first vegetables. Today JEJ gathered carrots, beets, and cabbage. I believe coleslaw tastes just a bit better when the carrots and cabbage are home grown. The beet is in a category all by itself. It looks beautiful as it is picked. It's red dye fills the pan with gorgeous color and the savory aroma of cooking beets just smells like late summer. What a garden feast we experienced!
We topped our dinner off with something we brought back from our trip. I found a Hermiston Yellow Seedless watermelon. When I saw the wedges on a plate to sample at the produce place, I thought it was pineapple. I think it tastes close to other colors of watermelon, but is such a beautiful color when sliced.

Now.... off to check those zucchini recipes for using the four that came out of the patch today!


  1. coleslaw is hugely better when the veg are homegrown.....

  2. I've never seen a yellow seedless! Looks good!
    I've been trying to catch up on your blog. Loved the pictures of the girls at the beach. Looks like you all had such a great time! My Virginia Creeper has gone crazy this year. It's everywhere! I'll be back to do some more catching up later on.

  3. I think nearly everything tastes even better, when it's homegrown...
    I can't believe it - but though we have had lots of other veggies and crookneck squash - we're still waiting for a zucchini. Enjoy!


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