Best of 2008: Part 1: Best Places to Visit

When a new year begins it is always nice to reflect on the past year and do an inventory of highs and lows, hits and misses, and put together my Best of 2008 lists.

Best Places to Visit in 2008:
Lake Chelan

Our Lake Chelan trip over spring break was exactly what we hoped for. It was quiet at the campground, the scenery was spectacular, the bookstore in Chelan was awesome, and we had wireless at a remote tent trailer! We hope to return to this place when the temperatures are warmer another time.

Litte Pend Oreille Wildlife RefugeThis place was right under our noses for years. The first time we decided to drive there we were amazed that we hadn't discovered it sooner. Once we saw the beauty of the area and free campsites we packed up our tent trailer and off we went to get away for a few days. I think we saw about five other people the whole time we were there.

Priest LakeIt is hard for me to explain how I grew up in northern Idaho and never visited Priest Lake. My parents weren't big on spur-of-the-moment drives or trips so we had a comfort zone of places we always went. That didn't include any location north of Coeur d'Alene.Visiting Priest Lake in the fall was nice. The beach was great for walking, the lodge with a restaurant and gift shop were close to our cabin, and we had lovely drives on the two routes we took to and from. We had thought about going back in the winter until the snow that never seems to end hit our area. Now I am content to stay home and gaze at photographs!

Canyon Creek Campground
We always try to camp here at least once a year. It is close to home, quiet, and perfect for learning more about your camera. I studied camera techniques and found lots of things to experiment with on this camping trip. Best of 2008 to be continued....


  1. Best of 2008: Biggest understatement

    My parents weren't big on spur-of-the-moment drives or trips...

  2. I don't think I realized anything existed north of Coeur d'Alene until I was in high school, and we played Priest River and Bonners Ferry in volleyball. Ha! Ha!

  3. I am amazed that you have Canyon Creek on your list of places! I thought that it was a hidden secret known only to those that grew up around there! In fact I spent most of this summer there and had wonderful memories full of my firsts in life at that campground! Thank you so much for this blog!

  4. Can't wait for the continuation! And we used to go to The Golden Hind at Bayview for dinner but other than that, I was not aware that anything existed north of Bayview. Although I had heard rumors. I was in my 30s before I took my kids to Priest Lake.

  5. Okay siblings...I guess Mom and Dad wanted something for us to look forward to as we grew up... places north of CdA!
    Lost and Lonely....Welcome! I have found a kindred spirit in the love of Canyon Creek. Perhaps we were there at the same time last summer. We live about fifteen minutes away so that makes it handy also.
    JBelle... I guess our parents thought CdA Lake, the chain lakes, the CdA River, and the St. Joe gave us enough experiences growing up. I now love Priest Lake. I remember thinking Deer Park was some exotic place since we never drove north of Spokane either. Let's just say exotic is not the word I would use now!


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