The Drawdown Continues

The drawdown on Lake Roosevelt continues causing more changes in the landscape around my area. More shoreline has shown up. An island has reappeared north of the bridge at Kettle Falls. It may also stop the ferry from running across Lake Roosevelt at Gifford to Inchelium. So many people rely on the ferry. Without it drivers have to head north to the bridge at Kettle Falls, then travel back down the other side of the lake or head toward Spokane on Highway 395. It effects members of our staff, groups attending field trips and sporting events, and community members. I live on the Inchelium side of the lake so I don't travel the ferry as much. Today we heard a rumor the lake may begin to fill up soon. The boaters and fisherman will be happy also. The boat launches are impossible to reach right now. The Gifford Inchelium ferry.


  1. What has caused the lake to drop? Is it a man-made decision (i.e. retaining ot releasing dam water) or is it caused by climate?

    re last post: I love your deck project and the color you have chosen.

  2. The ferry picture is really quite enchanting...


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