One More Week to Go

It is hard to imagine that in five weekdays another school year will come to a close. To cheer myself up before the students came in this morning I wrote out this list of things to do. Revisiting the list I think I should do all of them.

As I wrote up the daily routine on the white board this morning I felt a hint of sadness. As a group we have cried over death, laughed over mishaps, sang over birthdays, and celebrated over books we enjoyed. We have bonded and learned much together.My desk did have a stack of "stuff" this morning to put in piles to do before the year ends. At least I could find my desk. There have been times when that was impossible!

As I sat quietly in the morning sun before any students arrived I thought back to the beginning of this journey we embarked on this year. Because of staff adjustments we had to combine our middle school students. I had a 6-7 group and a 7-8 group. At first students were unhappy, but as we all adjusted to the changeit worked out okay. I think students ended up working in teams much better than expected. I will have two of the same grade levels again next year and the 8th graders will just be in the other building. That is what I like about a small school district. Tomorrow I will watch my former students go through the ceremony of graduation. There will be luncheons and parties to celebrate. This is a landmark year for me. When the seniors were in kindergarten it was the first year I taught at this school. They are the first group of students I have known and taught through twelve years of school. Congratulations to the Class of 2007!


  1. What a bittersweet feeling these last day(s). And congratulations to you for helping these former students make it to graduation.
    Enjoy that 'good' coffee and the days in your garden!

  2. That's wonderful that you have been able to follow this group of students so long. I had that experience last year. It's the first time I've known kids (that weren't in my own family) that long and felt such an attachment to them. It's a special privilege, isn't it?


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