Sibling Assignment #170: Memories of Montana

I gave this sibling assignment this week. It was simple:Memories of Montana. I will link the other sibs' posts when done.

There have been conversations between the sibs recently about a place to visit when we are all together in November. Montana kept coming up. It reminded me of how much I love Montana. In my whole life I have not been to Montana many times, but each time I visit the state I grow more attached to it's beauty.

Each August around our anniversary and close to when school started, we always tried to plan a getaway  to rest and recharge before getting into the routine of the school year again. In August 2013 we found a lovely cabin on the Clark Fork River by Clark Fork, Idaho. We discovered two things on that trip. We were very close to the beauty of Montana and there was a cedar grove close by.

There is something about hiking through a cedar grove with camera in hand. I love being surrounded by natural history, coolness, green, moisture, and quiet. We found Ross Creek Ancient Cedars and I captured a series of photo images I really liked. It was fun today to revisit the cedar grove through the pictures. Now I want to return.