Home is Where Your Heart Is

Thirteen days ago we began our day packing a U Haul and leaving our home at Martin Creek. I thought I had downsized by the amount I sold at a yard sale and the amount we gave away and donated, but we soon discovered we had a whole lot of stuff.

We can never thank my family which include my siblings Bill and Carol, brother in law Paul, and niece Molly for all their help that day. For many of the them the thanks extend to before and after the move. It was a hundred and four degrees and I packed many things wrong which made boxes way to heavy.

My heart is now at 514 W. Cameron in Kellogg, Idaho. We loved most every minute we spent at our home in Kettle Falls, but we were ready for a change. Many people were surprised we would leave all our gardens, greenhouse, and our home behind. Not us. We were ready for something different. Everett has already began sketching out plans for structures in the yard. I am trying to figure out inside changes that won't cost too much.

We were able to transport six cats, two dogs, three truckloads of plants from the greenhouse, and other outdoor decor and furniture so we could instantly try to make our new neglected yard look a bit more like home.
The cats stayed inside for two days, but then all of us couldn't stand it any longer. Up from the basement they came and they loved on the dogs, jumped on the bed with us, and were so happy to be all together. They love running outdoors now, but know where their food and a safe place is.

Yes, home is where your heart it. My husband and animal family are right here. My mother is next door and my brother for the time being. My sister lives five minutes away. I have already seen friends that go back as far back as I can remember. Also, I am back in the old neighborhood. If I could just find a place for all this "stuff" and could keep my knees from hurting... I might say life is just about perfect.