Passionate Gardening

 I am passionate about gardening. When I moved to my house it started as a challenge. I lived alone and I was determined to create a place that was surrounded in beauty. I did okay the first year, but once I met my husband, another passionate gardener, it was easier and more pleasant to work together.
The things I love the most about gardening are planning spaces, creating color schemes that may work, and finding plants that work in our soil and temperature zone. I have also learned that if plants are in big pots, you can move them around to fill in holes, dead spots, or cover weeds. I am the one that wants things to look pretty.
Everett is the vegetable gardener, orchardist, head fertilizer guy, and chief waterer. He knows well how to plant seeds, hoe, divide, and harvest vegetables. He knows how to prune fruit trees the right way. He also has a perfect system for watering. All that we are thankful for in our gardens is because of his watering. I remind him of this every day. We don't have a sprinkler system or anything scientific. He just drags hoses, sets up sprinklers, and walks around and waters by hand.

Together it is our passion. During the summer we are home mostly. We can travel to a campground close to home and one of us can come home to check on things. No long vacation trips for us in the hot summer, but that is okay. We find satisfaction in gardening. Sitting on the deck after hours of work yesterday, we felt our sore muscles and knew it would be an early night to bed. As we looked around and took in the sights and smells of the gardens, we knew it was all worthwhile.

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