One Word Essay: Travel

When  we travel we often stay close to home.

We search for places that we can relax and retreat.

We also look for places that are surrounded by beauty.

JEJ and I load up the rig, the dogs, cameras, food and drink and hit the road.

Our destination last week was Osoyoos, B.C. Such a great choice.

Super Bowl Party #1

I grew up in a household where football games were front and center on the television set in the living room every week-end during the season. Then there were bowl games and more bowl games. In the earl seventies games were added to Monday night.  ESPN came after I moved away from home, but when I visited there it was with more games.

I have never been that interested in watching NFL games. There was always so much more I wanted to do on a Sunday. Before yesterday I only attended two Super Bowl parties in my adult life. One was when the Chicago Bears won in the mid-eighties, and another was in January of my first year in Inchelium. I don't even remember watching that game. I was there more to visit with new friends. 
 I don't often watch the Seahawks, but  I love following them. I  have enjoy keeping up with the season, the players, and the games so I can engage in conversations with my Seahawk fan students.  Also, I take pride in supporting a team from our state of Washington, and am inspired by The Twelfth Man. Having said all this, I am not really a band-wagoner. They are my favorite team.  I just spend Sundays in other ways. This changed the last few weeks.
We sat and watched the playoff game when the Seahawks earned their spot in the Super Bowl. It was fun to see all the excitement unfold in Seattle. As the hype began building and the recipes for Super Bowl party dishes started popping up everywhere online last week, I decided we needed to have our first Super Bowl party.

Here was the plan for the party. We would stay home.  The guest list would include myself and Everett, the dogs, and the cats. I would create a simple menu of finger foods that we could enjoy during the game that wouldn't take lots of prep time. No blue hair, green face paint, or crazy outfits.

What a Super Bowl party it was. I dug out a vintage recipe for hot broccoli dip with Fritoes. We had cold shrimp, Mom's pickled veggies, my homemade salsa, and cold beverages. 
I loved the commercials, was amazed at the game, and took a series of pictures of the dogs and cats experiencing their first Super Bowl.  We enjoyed the comfort of our own home with a fire warming the house. It was overall pretty calm and quiet. It was a perfect Sunday and we have leftovers!

I may have to plan a party again next year.