A House Is a Home

 I love our house. It isn't very big. That is fine. Sometimes  I wish I had more light. The man I bought it from had done beautiful wood work on the walls and cupboards. I used to get tired of the dark wood. I now appreciate it. We decided to change things up a bit without spending a lot of money. Above is a table Everett created. It works well  back into the living room displaying the blooming plants.
 I really looked at all the beautiful wood products Everett has created, and decided to move them all together again into our small living room.  This lamp worked well by the love seat. We also rearranged furniture and recreated Annie's room ( another post). As I gathered his handmade pieces of work, I realized how much I liked them all together in one room, instead of spread out all over the house.

 This lovely table ended up in the room also. Shelby is a bit confused with all the changes.

This lamp and table that Everett created worked well together by the window. I look forward to more changes to our living space in the next few days. It is important to me to honor the create work we share rather than spend a bunch of money on new decor. That's just the way I roll.

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