Creation of Collage: Part 3

Often when creating a collage I just go for a subject. This collage is flowers in winter. I miss bouquets from the garden in winter, but I continue to enjoy flowers thanks to bulbs I force, grocery store bouquets,  Mom's birthday bouquet, and a trip to the conservatory.

The Creation of Collage: Part 2

When taking winter pictures there is often a combination of textures, light, and composition that is a surprise. Here is a collage from a recent trip to Manito Park in Spokane on a very cold wintry day.

The Creation of Collage:Part 1

collage: a piece of art created by combining photos, clippings or small objects onto a surface. (noun)

As a teenager I used to love to decorate the walls of my bedroom with collages of images and words from magazines. I loved to find sayings, words, photos, images. Collage has always been an art form, but now there are so many possibilities. I was thrilled when I first learned how to make collages on Picasa. I was reviewing collages I have created in the past today. I began to notice that I used certain themes, textures, and colors. I don't remember now how many of these were planned. It inspired me to create an art project for my new group of Fine Arts students next week revolving around collage. It is a nonthreatening art form that might get them feeling more comfortable about art. I have woven some of my own favorite photo collages throughout this post. Some may look familiar, some may be new to you.  Some have been the banner at the top of the blog. Others were to create a theme of celebrate an event. Enjoy.

Winter Has It's Own Unique Beauty

Sometimes you have to bundle up to enjoy the beauty of mid-winter. You also have to try photos in the dark. Recently I have balanced on frozen snowbanks, been dripped on while catching icicles melting,and slipped and slid a bit. It is all worth it. Enjoy.

365 Project... Two Years Later

For the last two years I have participated in the online 365 Project. You post a photo a day. There are themes you can use, or you can just do your own thing. I did my own thing and posted a picture a day for two calendar years. I have decided to try other things online this year with my photos, so I reviewed all those photos this evening and chose my top ten. That was really difficult. I tried to choose them based just on the photo, not the subject or memories attached to them. One is at the top of the post. I was working on still life photos and used the orchid and the bowl. I entered it in an art show the spring of 2011.
This was called "Stark Landscape". I experimented with my Nostalgia setting on my camera down by the lake.
The Orofino, Idaho cemetary has a beautiful flag display Memorial Day week-end. I was there in 2011 to celebrate my aunt's 90th birthday. My brother and I stopped to do a photo walk.
I caught these swans at a park in Walla Walla the summer of 2011.
While camping Labor Day Week-end 2011 this was Annie, our springer spaniel posing.
The Columbia River by Vantage, Washington in the fall of 2011
I don't often take people photos, but who could resist my siblings while watching the eagles on Coeur d' Alene Lake?
I called this photo "Perfect Timing". It was taken in November 2012 from my back yard facing Lake Roosevelt.
When leaving our week-end rental cottage at Mazama in November 2012 I spotted this leaf.
Also taken in November I loved this photo of my reading angel in the wedding garden.
It was fun to review all the photos. Having a collection like this is a bit like a diary. It reminded me of images, moments, people, and events dear to my heart.