A House Divided

When  I met my husband I was smitten. He fixed my gate. He brought me roses and iris plants from a  construction site to replant in my garden. He liked my cooking. We were both Christians. His dog liked my house better than his ( Everett and I were neighbors). My dogs liked his dog. He loved taking drives in the country. He also loved going out to eat for breakfast with me.

We have one difference. We are a house divided politically. We knew that when we married. I suppose we always "cancel" out our votes when we mail them in. It doesn't matter.  The political process is important to both of us. We both vote. We both follow our parties. We agree to disagree on issues that make him conservative and me more liberal. I think it is one of the things that adds strength to our marriage.

How strong are we? We can sit side by side and watch the blue and red states appear this evening and know that we will love and support our country no matter what. We are thankful for the freedoms our country has given us. The American flag flies by our gate  for both of us at 11 Crestview Dr.

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