Washington Coast Retreat

Retreat:  A place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security.

I recently completed my thirty-fourth year of teaching.I have taught students from age five to sixty-two during my career. I have had my own elementary classrooms, traveled to rooms as a reading and writing specialist, taught adults in the summer months, and now teach middle school students. I have taught myself much and learned even more from my students.

After this school year I was ready to retreat. I needed time to decompress and rest. My husband,dogs, and myself found the perfect place at The Coastal Nest at  Pacific Beach on the Washington coast. Lisa McElliot designed this cottage with me in mind. Once you walked in the door,  the first thing you noticed was the calming colors throughout the cottage. 

The decor was casual, clean, and inviting. Each room has a unique decor , but the theme was all about the beach. We had big plans to drive up and down the coast and visit the rain forest. With the soft music playing and the  rare June sun shining in the windows of the Coastal Nest, I found myself wanting to stay put. Lisa provides everything you need to be comfortable and taken care of.

Stay put we did. We drove down to the ocean for glorious sunsets and beachcombing adventures. The dogs soon learned that the ocean sand was for them, 

We ate in local restaurants Lisa recommended. We sat on the deck and sipped drinks as the day came to an end. We drove down to the beach and enjoyed the rain. We love the Washington coast because you can drive all the way down to the beach and park.

Yes, the place was the retreat I needed. I rested, read, and began to find myself again. I took pictures to inspire my own decorating back home. I learned that some people thought the cottage should be torn down when Lisa and her husband bought it. 
With much hard work and love... they brought it back to life. They now have another cottage to rent across the street. This cottage has even been featured in a magazine.
If you are interested in a vacation or getaway to the Coastal Cottage here is the information above.

You can read LIsa's blog here or join her on Facebook. Even if you want a place to park your stuff while you explore the coast, this is your place. Let me warn you though.... you do want to just  get comfortable and stay. We plan to return and maybe we will see some sights on our next trip. Lisa has a library of books to help us with that.

Thanks Lisa. The Coastal Nest Cottage was just what I needed.

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