February NaBloPoMo: Relatives, But Not Too Many In Kellogg

NaBloPoMo February 2012


The theme for NaBloPoMo this month is relative. I didn't make all my posts in Janurary. The internet went down for two days which got me off, then between being ill and semester grading I just couldn't do a post every day. I have high aspirations for February.

Growing up in Kellogg meant being surrounded by people with lots of relatives. We knew families with lots of children,families with lots of aunts, uncles, grandmas, great uncles, and shirt tail relatives. We didn't have relatives in Kellogg. It didn't seem weird to me because I didn't know it any other way. We had lots of friends that included us like family. The Turnbows invited us to Thanksgiving potlucks. The Listoes had us out to their house for dinner. Don and Rosie made sure we were included at the Italian picnic held in the summer. Costas took us camping up the river. We were always surrounded by friends. I loved seeing my relatives and it was a treat to travel to Spokane, Moscow, or Orofino to visit them. Looking back I feel blessed that we had so many families that made us feel welcome in our town. I learned the meaning of loyality, friendship, generousity, humor, and love from these friends. They may not have been relatives, but they were like family to me. Above are a few of them at Mom's 80th birthday party last year.

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  1. What a wonderful way to grow up. Friends so often become our extended family. Your Mom's party looks like it was a wonderful time!


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