Beginnings: Time to Think

My first week back to school after winter break was one that I eased into. Tuesday the students appeared well-rested and ready to be back. Our friend Joan came and spent two nights and even came with dinner! It felt good to laugh together was we recited old poems, sang old western songs, and listened to Everett's jokes. Laughing and singing is so good for the soul.

I was off on Wednesday for jury duty, then Thursday and Friday just flew by. Now it is time to think. As the new year begins and my birthday looms ahead, I need time to think this week-end. I want to continue to focus on goals and priorities so I am headed in the right direction. I look forward to some quiet time to do that. I have other plans for the week-end, but I am going to find that quiet time to think also. Do you ever just sneak off so you can think quietly? I think it is something all of us should try to do.

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