Beginnings: Slowing Down

My body always tells me when I need to slow down. Often it is not the time I want to slow down. I went on a tear last week-end on my extreme home office makeover. I am feverishly trying to wind down the semester at school with paperwork to organize, tests to write, and essays to read. I sometimes forget my limits.

Yesterday about noon I began to realize my limits. I started to feel ill then. I stayed and made it through the day, but ended up in bed for a long nap when I returned home. I thought that would do it. When I got up I realized I was sicker than I thought. My body was telling me something. I decided to listen.

After a day of light food, lots of sleep, tea, and TLC I am not healed yet. I am going to listen to my body again and slow down for another day. In this case, rest is what I need.

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