Beginnings: Examining Priorities

My sister reflected on the new year on her blog today. She hopes to focus on priorities by asking herself each day, "What will be my priority today?" I love that idea.

I have a huge problem. I try to do way too much. I often end up being overwhelmed and not doing much of anything at all. Another one of my problems is I get obsessed with one project and everything else falls along the wayside. As I begin a new year I, like my sister am going to look at priorities. I know how many hours I have in the day that is my time. I also know I need down time. My priority today was to get long overdue holiday greetings sent out. I can check that off the list of to-do's. My only other priority today is to organize myself to begin another fresh year at school tomorrow. I think I can manage that. The day is only halfway over! Maybe I can squeeze in some photo shots also!

You will find my sister's blog post here.

The photo above is a New Year's amaryllis in full bloom on my table.

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