How Do You Say No?

How can you say no to plants when you walk into a greenhouse? Especially when you see the following:

Okay.... now tell me again how much my total was.

I Love Gaiser Conservatory

Today our photo hunt took us to Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park in Spokane.
I never cease to be amazed at the beauty enclosed in the glass walls of this building.
Here are some images I caught.
My friend Tracy loved taking in all the beauty. 
I met Bess, an English pointer that was very well-behaved amid the plants.

It was a lovely time.

Celebrating the Finish

One of the things I heard over and over again as I moved my way through my National Boards this year was to be ready to celebrate when the exam was done. At noon today the exam was done and I chose to celebrate by doing one of my favorite activities. I stopped and shopped for plants at nurseries from Spokane through Colville on the way home. I got to revisit one nursery because I left my purse there. Would you say my brain was bit used up today?

I visited the Smart Gardens on Argonne first. I have driven by this place for years and never stopped. It was a fun place with lovely plants.
Of course Ritters was a stop for sure today. There is nothing like standing at the end of an aisle in this nursery and just taking in all the beauty.

Is there room for more?

Sure, I have the back end.

It was fun to unload them and try to decide where to plant them.That will be another day when I have more rest!

Purple: A Vivid Spring Reminder

I love the way the colors of the garden gently change as the earlier flowers die out and the newest ones begin to bloom. Purple is everywhere now. All shades, all shapes, all sizes. Purple is such a vivid reminder of spring life.

Top Ten Things I Am Doing Instead of Studying for My Exam

Tuesday I will take my exam for National Board Certification for Teachers. I think I am prepared, but realize I should be reading a book or memorizing grammar terms instead of writing this post.

Top Ten Things I Am Doing Instead of Studying for My Exam
10. Writing this post.
9.  Taking photos of birds in the feeder that keep flying away.
8. Canceling a credit card.
7. Laundry.
6. Helping out my brother with Fast Money on Facebook Family Fued.
5. Counting the number of irises that are blooming in the yard.
4. Cleaning out my Sent box on my email account.
3. Taking photos of the Christmas cactus that bloomed in May.
2. Watching the cloud formations in the sky.
1. Trying to figure out a way to reward myself when I complete the test on Tuesday.

All right... back to studying!

White Is Illuminating the Garden Paths

"The first of all single colors is white ... We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness." -- Leonardo Da Vinci
As more shrubs and flowers are blooming around the gardens white has now taken up residence along the garden paths.

I remember when I purchased this bridal wreath spirea and wondered if it would ever got very big.

Way back behind the pond, between some shrubs, in front of the tent trailer I discovered this bloom of pure light surrounded by green.
A columbine under our bedroom window lifted its head today.
And there will be more to come!

Personification In Finest Form

 As I was studying literary terms in preparation for my exam next week I read different examples of personification. I had never read this poem by Robert Frost and the words helped me develop a clearer understanding of personification, plus it is an enjoyable poem to read.

 Sherman Creek close to home
Spring Pools

These pools that, though in forests, still reflect
The total sky almost without defect,
And like the flowers beside them, chill and shiver,
Will like the flowers beside them soon be gone,
And yet not out by any brook or river,
But up by roots to bring dark foliage on.
The trees that have it in their pent-up buds
To darken nature and be summer woods --
Let them think twice before they use their powers
To blot out and drink up and sweep away
These flowery waters and these watery flowers
From snow that melted only yesterday.

-Robert Frost

Saturday Bouquet

Nearly Ready for the Move

It is nearing that time for our wintered over plants to leave the greenhouse and make their way back to hang on the old ladder along the garage, rest on the rock wall, fill in the planters in the gardens, and brighten up the deck. Usually by now we have emptied the greenhouse, but Mother Nature has been fickle this year. Better safe than seeing a whole bunch of geraniums wilted from frost.

Everett caught some beautiful images of the greenhouse yesterday. I love the way the Martha Washington's have bloomed all winter.
I never thought we would see the nasturiums keep it up since they were grown from seed a year ago.
We also found a little friend on the jade plant in the greenhouse. Now I discovered one place toads go after they leave the pond. This toad has been hanging out on this leaf for a few days. We hope he is eating bugs!

Finding Peace

Today was one of those hard days.  The headlines were filled with sad news about accidents. The oil spill keeps getting worse. I had to give bad news about grades to some of my students. A friend's dog was poisoned and she is grieving. A co-workers husband got laid off from his job. I had to once again try to explain to a thirteen-year-old why the Americans couldn't and didn't  just jump on a plane and go save the victims during the Holocaust. When I got home I sat and took in the simple beauty of my surroundings. I already feel so much more at peace. Isabelle also found a good spot.
How can I not be at peace after finding the first iris in bloom?