The Best Flower in Winter: Amaryllis

As thick fog surrounded the view outside the window and slush and worn out snow filled my boots, it was nice to be greeted at the end of the day by an amaryllis bloom. After bringing one home from a shopping trip in the fall the routines for growing this holiday plant are followed step by step.  Soak the peat moss, stick the huge bulb in the pot, find a good growing spot, remember to water, then begin the waiting game. I never know if I will have blooms on New Year's Day, Mom's birthday, or Valentine's Day. The boxes have long been burned in the woodstove, so the color and texture is always a surprise. This is the earliest bloom I remember.

A second bloom has opened this evening as I sat writing this. There are two more buds on this plant about ready to open. Another amaryllis sitting next to this beauty shows signs of a deep red color. There is more to look forward to on this gray, slushy Tuesday at the beginning of January. I will have my camera ready.

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  1. Amaryllis is the best flower in winter season. Very nice flower in color texture , really it shows sign of beauty.

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