Here Comes the Sun: Part 2

the sky west of Sherman Creek Orchard

"Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right
It's all right "

I did a post on December 28th entitled Here Comes the Sun. That may have been the last time I captured such needed images of sun and blue sky until today. Sunshine can bring out laughter, smiles, cars to the car wash, neighbors waving hello, and dogs running with pleasure. As I loaded up for a trip to town this morning I packed my camera thinking I may get a few good shots. Here is my Saturday Sunshine collection:looking back at our sunroom as the rays pierce through a pine treea horse fence poised in front of a brilliant sky with a single jet stream heading down to Haag Cove campground the icy field stood empty and still looking north the mountains are still covered with snow Through the trees Lake Roosevelt shimmered from the reflection of the sun at the campground.

When I used to hear "Here Comes the Sun" I always thought of the Beatles, Abbey Road, the Humdinger, and the summer of 1970. Today I think of James Taylor and Yo Yo Ma and their duet released in October on Yo Yo Ma's CD "Songs of Joy and Peace". This CD has such an amazing collection of duets, but of course my favorite is Yo Yo and James Taylor. If you haven't checked out the CD, I recommend it. Enjoy some time here with Yo Yo and JT.


  1. I loved this post! My family and I are huge fans of Yo Yo Ma. In fact, my sister, her husband, and two children are cellists. They own two cellos made by Yo Yo's favorite cello maker (in Germany). And, my niece once went trick or treating to his house when he lived in their neighborhood! (We also enjoy JT, but not quite to the extent of Yo Yo!)

  2. Great post, photographs and music. I'm so glad that the sun is starting to come out for you.

  3. Even if there's very little warmth in it, the sun makes such a difference, doesn't it? It's so good to see your photos of blue sky and bright sunshine.
    I loved listening to this version of 'Here Comes the Sun' by these two great artists. I'll check out the CD. Sounds great. Thanks!
    It's been fun catching up. Your posts are always so interesting.
    We've had frigid temps here too, and plenty of snow. I see some warmer temps coming soon for us too. Yay!


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