Here Comes The Sun

Finally, after at least ten days of gray skies, the sun peaked out this afternoon. There is nothing like sunlight to illuminate a beautiful winter landscape. It gives us hope that the snow may taper off in the next week. It also helps in melting the icicles. It is much more fun to be out snapping pictures when there is a place to walk! As long as snow looks pretty I don't mind it. When it gets sloppy, slushy, gray and dirty is when I want to hibernate!


  1. OH my, those icicles are just gorgeous, never seen proper icicles like that before, except on your blob last year... and just look at your beautiful picket fence........ sigh.... beautiful photos....


  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm with you about the snow. Ours is ALL GONE!!! We had 12-20 inches last weekend, but with temps in the high 50s the past two days, there's no sign of it now. We have crazy weather here in N.E.!!!

  3. We haven't had sun for a couple of days now. It rained all day yesterday, which was actually a good thing because it melted some of the snow. And today, we've had wind, which I hate. I don't hate normal wind, I hate the 40 mph with gusts up to 60 wind. I'm betting you've got more snow now, yes?

  4. Marmite: You are right, the icicles are gorgeous. I love how the pickets are wearing little snow caps.
    Rondi: I heard you had a warm up your way. If our temperatures got warm quickly we would flood!
    sallyacious: I heard about your rain and wind. There is nothing worse than wind in the Palouse. I heard some roads closed earlier today because of the wind and snow and yes, we got four more inches today.


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