New Year's Eve Winter Road Trip

After enjoying a beautiful drive around the lake today I decided to put the photo images all together with music. Enjoy an afternoon road trip in my scenic corner of the world.


  1. Happy New Year to you! The photo and music slide show was outstanding. The lakes and mountainsides glisten like magic. And the photo in your header is so beautiful.

    I got a couple new books yesterday at the thrift store that made me think of your part of the world - it's by William Kittredge, "The Willow Field." He's from Oregon.. then I got another book by David Guterson, "East of the Mountains" has a map on the inside showing Moses Lake and the Columbia River and Keechelus Lake off to the west..

    I think these will be good reads over the weekend.


  2. Happy New Year. Thank you for the beautiful video. I loved the turkeys in the snow.

  3. I enjoyed that! It really is beautiful there where you are. I love how the snow stays pretty for days after it falls. Here, close to the city, it gets ugly pretty fast =(

    Happy New Year!

  4. That sure doesn't look like the weather predictions I saw--I am glad for you. We had wind earlier that day, but good roads all the way to Spokane, where we got stuck in our son's driveway. It took a harrowing 45 minutes to dig out, as our rear end was sticking out into the street.

  5. What beautiful country! Loved the music... it tied everything together so nicely.

  6. Thanks Shelby... the sun really helped with some of those photos. I hope you enjoy those Pacific Northwest authors!
    Carver... welcome back. I loved that we were right there to catch the turkeys. There were also peacocks, but I couldn't get pictures of them.
    Rondi... usually the snow stays. We have warming weather and rain coming this week. We'll see!
    Katney... I checked that out on your blog. I figured Spokane would close school today. I am amazed at the amount of snow still on the side streets.
    Nina Jo... I really like this song and hoped it would work and not be "too Christmasy".


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