Slug Beer Revisited

After my recent post about slugs and beer here I was moved to do more research on the brands of beer that work the most effectively in the little slug taverns in my mother's yard. One article stated that Old Milwaukee was hands down the best slug beer. Another gardener was quoted as saying, " I only use Bud... works every time." Then I stumbled across this.
"In the old brewery we had a problem with slugs getting into the brewery. As the beer leaves a trail down the glass as you drink it like a slug, that's how Old Slug Porter Dark Ale was named. A delicious traditional porter with a full bodied taste of chocolate, coffee, blackcurrant and black cherry with a good aroma. A near black colour with a good white head when served through a tight sparkler."

The description is almost poetic. A beer named in their honor! I think the slugs in Kellogg would like that taste combination...especially the mix of coffee and chocolate, but I am afraid Mom doesn't have a tight sparkler set up in the garage. I hope she can find this ale on sale at Yoke's!


  1. You have come a long way IEG! Congratulations!

  2. so funny -- we put beer in our strawberries this summer to attract those slugs. WE seem to have more than usual this year


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