Counting My Blessings #5: Wood

I love wood heat. When I am chilled or wet to the bone there is nothing like wood heat to warm me up. Last summer we fell numerous trees on our property and I feel blessed that we have wood that can provide us warmth through the winter. JEJ just fell four more trees today and they will be added to the other wood to provide a winter supply of warmth. We have two wood stoves inside the house to keep both ends of the house warm. I love sitting in front of a fire as much as Kit does.
Sitting out in the gazebo in the garden is even more pleasant when we have a fire built in our fireplace outside. It may not be enough to keep us warm in November, but it does provide a coziness as we enjoy the garden moving into hibernation.

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  1. I love wood heat! All your fireplaces look so cozy. I'd love one in the garden!



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