Thanks Katney!

Thanks Katney for this lovely award. This is what she said about me on her blog: "I feel like I know Inland Empire Girl, who also lives in the Pacific Northwest. I thought of her when we spent a day with the kids at the lake last week because it is closer to her neck of the woods. Speaking of woods, she's almost as fond of them as I am, but her camping trailer is bigger than mine--lol. I'd love to meet you in person sometime, IEG. Maybe we should go camping. BTW, let me know if you come to Mt. Rainier and I will meet you there. "
I hope we do meet someday. We share many things in common. You can find her very interesting blog here.

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  1. Oh, I almost missed seeing this as we were--guess where!--at Mt. Rainier getting snowed on--over the weekend.

    Have a great new school year.

    School started last week here. So far I have had e-mails from two teachers and one parent shocked to realize I wasn't going to be there. (Some staff I had seen shocked in person.) I've had to walk a teacher through how to set up the AR for the year, and had a call from the secretary how to open the display case, and when I was there finishing my gathering I taught one how to change the film on the laminator.

    If they miss me enough will they find a way to bring me back?


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