Photo Hunt: Wrinkled


My friends are tired.
The ones who are married are tired
of being married.
The ones who are single are tired
of being single.

They look at their wrinkles.
The ones who are single attribute their wrinkles
to being single.
The ones who are married attribute their wrinkles
to being married.

They have very few wrinkles.
Even taken together,
they have very few wrinkles.
But I cannot persuade them
to look at their wrinkles
& I cannot persuade them that being married
or being single
has nothing to do with wrinkles.

Each one sees a deep & bitter groove,
a San Andreas fault across her forehead.
"It is only a matter of time
before the earthquake."
They trade the names of plastic surgeons
like recipes.

My friends are tired.
The ones who have children are tired
of having children.
The ones who are childless are tired
of being childless.

They love their wrinkles.
If only their were deeper
they could hide.

Sometimes I think
(but do not dare to tell them)
that when the face is left alone to dig its grave,
the soul is grateful
& rolls in.

-Erica Jong

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  1. Nice idea for wrinkled! I like the photo... I thought of it but didn't own any to photograph... I do think I should buy some tho -just too cheap LOL

  2. those are the solutions for wrinkles. good one! mine is up!

  3. Great take on the wrinkled theme. I liked the poem and great idea for the photograph.

  4. Most of those I have seen have, like you and I, skipped around the actual people wrinkles. Good post.

  5. What an awesome take on Wrinkled and neat photo. Love the poem also. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Looks like you added a different wrinkle to the theme.



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