Photography 101: Dry Summer Beauty

Yesterday we headed up the Bangs Mountain scenic drive for another photo session. It is off Highway 20 at the Canyon Creek Campground. Easter 2007 I did another post of this drive here. Yesterday it looked quite different as the summer has dried up water sources and much of the foliage. The rock formations through the Donaldson Draw are amazing with the different colors, textures, and shapes. When arrived at the top of the mountain the fields were very dry. I think you can find beauty in most anything in a field... even a dandelion gone to seed. The dogs loved running through the tall, dry grass. You have to look closely to see both dogs as they follow JEJ back to the car.


  1. I am enjoying your photography 101 posts. This one as well as "Lost". Maybe I'll have to break down and try to learn more about my camera. There has to be a reason for the thick manual that came with it.

  2. I really do prefer pictures of dry things to wet things. Odd, huh? I like pictures, in nature, of dead things, too...although not animals or people. I'm thinkin' more stumps and branches and grass, that sort of thing. I also like leafless trees a lot. Boy, would Snug ever love to be in that tall dry grass following JEJ.

  3. sallyacious25.7.08

    I think dandelions gone to seed are lovely too. They look like fireworks.


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