Ten Mile Road Trip #2: Highway 20 and Bangs Mountain

My husband and I began a tradition for Easter about eight years ago. It was a day we designated to spend with nature by ourselves after Easter services. I always look forward to our peaceful, relaxing Easter. Today we did our second ten mile road trip for the blog. (The first one is here.) We went west on Highway 20 toward Republic, Washington to our favorite campground, Canyon Creek then headed up the Bangs Mountain Scenic Drive. A group of people were braving the weather and having a picnic at the campground. On our drive up Bangs Mountain we saw snow, a frozen pond, deer, and a beautiful view of Lake Roosevelt from above. Here is our tour in pictures. Enjoy!

Our favorite campsite at Canyon Creek Campground just waiting for us !This draw on the Bangs Mountain drive, as explained on the sign, shows clear evidence of the Ice Age in the area.

Through the draw you are sheltered by pine, cedar, and hemlock... and still some snow.The combination of rocks, snow, and moss help you imagine what it looked like during the Ice Age.This makes it worth the drive! The location is across the county road and up on top of Bangs Mountain from our house. We can't drive straight up there because it is a mountain, dirt road. That is why we did the Highway 20 route. The view shows the mountains above Lake Roosevelt looking east toward Rice, Washington.Once again our dogs Shelby and Annie had a great run, but were ready to find some water! Stay tuned for other ten mile trips. I am blessed to live in a beautiful area of northeastern Washington.


  1. Anonymous8.4.07

    Excuse me
    My mother commented on how you increased your font size.
    And I said "That makes me angry, its no longer peaceful."
    I can feel your rage in your blog font.

  2. Deep breathing, deep breathing!! Grandma was having a hard time seeing it, but I guess she only sees it when she is at your house. Oh well... I will move again toward peaceful.... Happy Easter.

  3. What a nice drive you guys had today. How beautiful. And Shelby always looks so excited about everything happening in the world.

  4. That Shelby...it doesn't take much to get a smile on her face. We will have to take this drive when you come to visit. There is also a quarry up at the top.

  5. You're blessed indeed to live in such beautiful surroundings. Your dogs sure are enjoying themselves. How cute they are :)
    Loved seeing your wonderful pictures. Thanks!


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