God Bless America

pa·tri·ot·ic: (pā'trē-ŏt'ĭk) adj. Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one's country

I am a patriotic person, but I don't feel safe on the 4th of July anymore.

I love every patriotic song ever written, but don't like firecrackers and other dangerous explosives that have become a part of the festivities today.

My heart skips a beat when I see the American flag and I am drawn to red, white, and blue, but find it difficult to sit by a person wearing an Uncle Sam hat while throwing firecrackers at their friends at a Fourth of July picnic.

I want to go to gatherings and celebrate our nation's birthday with a picnic or BBQ, but my dog can't bear to be left alone. She shakes and shivers at the sound of big kabooms that started yesterday.

It is a dilemma. A few years ago our dog ran in fear and didn't come back until the early hours of the morning. We spent a sleepless night checking the highway and searching for Emily. She was dirty, wet, and nervous when she finally came home. A student was playing with fireworks close to the school a few years ago and almost blew up his hand. Another student was killed on Fourth of July week-end by a person too tired after the festivities to stay on his side of the road.

Today we are going to celebrate alone at home where we feel "safe and sane". Annie can get to her carrier or we can hold her when the neighbors start letting of their fireworks. We don't have to be concerned about getting the last camp spot at the state park. We can be one less vehicle on the busy highway.

I think part of it is who we become. Spending time at home with the critters and JEJ just sounds like a better way to celebrate this holiday. It is important for me to feel safe and to make choices that make sense. We will get together with family next week-end. I look forward to that.

We gathered with friends every Fourth of July growing up and the evening ended with the singing of "God Bless America". Back then enclosed between friends singing around a campfire felt safe. My dad loved this song. We even had everyone sing it at his memorial service. I enjoyed this slide show I found on YouTube. It features Kate Smith and a series of images that reminded me of why I bless America. Enjoy and be safe and sane today!


  1. I'll bolt the doors, lock the windows, and try to soundproof our house as best I can to protect Charly from the sounds of, well, I guess, freedom. Is that what all the firecrackers and fireworks are about? I've never figured that out...nice to remember Rose Lake and I've never enjoy God Bless America more than hearing the congregation at Dad's funeral sing it together...it was such a full sound...the best choir ever, in my opinion...well, as MarmiteToasty would say, enough twaddle...have a great fourth...enjoy your solitude with JEJ and your animals...all the best to Annie...hope you can have a relaxing day until the racket starts.

  2. lovely post - so very true.


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