Camera Critters: Road Trip for Kit

"Check the car for cats", were the last words JEJ said to us as we departed to meet with Z2's dad in Spokane Valley yesterday. The window had been open to cool down the car and yes, Kit was there. He was ready to take his first road trip. He was a good sport about getting out. To check out other Camera Critters go here.


  1. "Check the car for cats" Well, duh! Isn't that what EVERYONE does?? ;-) hehehe oh... just us critter addicts, I guess.

    My cat Mokey, for some reason, always loved whatever my dad was driving. When he would come visit, she would get in his truck or she would even sit on the seat of his Harley. She didn't do that with anyone else's vehicles though.

    By the way - Kit is VERY beatiful!

  2. Cats are very popular with Camera Critters! Would have been funny if you hadn't check for the cat and took it with you!


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