Last Notes to Self , Community BBQ, and First Annual Court Dance

This morning I wrote my last school list of "things to do" as I kept some java close by after a late, late night scoring exams and doing grades. Today the Community BBQ was held during lunchtime at school. Everyone in the community is invited to share a potluck with the students and staff at our school. A huge crowd enjoyed hamburgers, lots a great salads, and sunshine.
Later we held our first annual middle school basketball court dance. Here is a group of girls trying out some new dance moves. CG and I orchestrated some excitement at the end of the day as we wheeled out a huge garbage can full of water balloons. Is there nothing more fun than having middle school students line up and have a water balloon battle? The only thing more fun is having teachers with their own stash of water balloons that caught the students off guard!

Sitting and gazing at the beautiful sky tonight was a peaceful end to a hectic day. One last morning and the school year will come to a close.

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