Celebrating National Poetry Month: #29

There Is a Place

There is a place

where the museum houses thousands of paintings
seen nowhere else in the world,
the colors so bright they grab your eyes
and hold you there, looking,where the library is filled with brand new books
waiting for you to open them first,
to tell stories only you could know,

where fresh cherries have no pits,
where puppies never grow old.

There is such a place,
hidden deep
in me.

- Janet Wong


  1. This weekend, my sisters and I are headed to the place where we can see those paintings (top picture) and the garden where they were painted! So excited.

    I like the other place the poem describes too, though! Very lovely.

  2. #27 was my favorite gem! Did you take that amazing picture of those cherries?

  3. Beautiful poem, beautiful pictures!

  4. greeenish lady: enjoy the area for me also!
    I loved 27 also... no... I should have given credit for the cherry picture from online.
    Thanks Rondi.


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