Celebrating National Poetry Month: #25

How Are You Doing?

As much as you deserve it,
I wouldn’t wish this
Sunday night on you-
not the Osco at closing,
not its two tired women
and shaky security guard,
not its bin of flip-flops
and Tasmanian Devil
baseball caps,
not its freshly mopped floors
and fluorescent lights,
not its endless James Taylor
song on the intercom,
and not its last pint of
chocolate mint ice cream,
which I carried
down Milwaukee Ave.
past a man in an unbuttoned
baseball shirt, who stepped
out of a shadow to whisper,
How are you doing?
-Rick Snyder
inlandempiregirl's comment: an endless James Taylor song on the intercom is a good thing!


  1. I agree on James Taylor. Can you get too much? But maybe in a late-night supermarket, it might not sound very true to be constantly assured that "You've got a friend"?

  2. are you a flip flop girl?
    I have to wear orthotics so my open toe days are over.

  3. Greenish lady.. we share another favorite thing.. JT!
    Pamela... I am not a flip flop girl. I am always afraid a desk will smash my toe and I cannot stand up and teach with them on, and I don't like the part between my toes.


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