Paying Attention to Grapes

When I lived in a rental years ago grapes came with the house. They were Concords and made delicious juice, jam, and jelly. It was the first thing I ever tried preserving. I was hooked.When I moved to my current home I wanted to have grapes again. When we bought small plants it was one of those times we didn't do research or pay attention to what type of grapes we purchased. I still don't know what kind of grape we have. They have lighter purple skins, lots of seeds, and when they are cooked they make a lighter jam and the flavor is not as rich as the Concords. We always have bunches of them and I do use them for jam, but they aren't like those plump grapes I had so many years ago that stained my fingers and filled my kitchen with a heady grape aroma.We have discussed pulling these up and getting what we wanted originally, but the vines are so hardy and the leaves add texture and color to that part of the garden. They provide a perfect napping place for the cats during the heat of the day in August. I think we will just keep nurturing these mystery grapes and have a lighter colored jam when I am done canning. I know grape seed extract is supposed to be good for something! Maybe I will use the food mill and do some extracting during this harvest season!


  1. I have some concords and I planned on making jam this weekend. BUT, it's raining like crazy and I bet they will be ruined

  2. I remember, as a child, going to an annual cider making party at the home of some friends from church. They had a giant grape arbor, and while the adults hauled apples and turned the press, we kids would play under the arbor, in our own little world dappled with moving sunlight. Great afternoons.

  3. You could cheat and combine the juice with some Welches concord grape juice to make your jams and jellies a bit stronger - -

  4. pamela: I hope the rain held off for your jam making.
    katrina: what a great memory.
    Pimd: Thanks for the good tip!


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