Making My Day and Lake Roosevelt from Another Point of View

Looking north toward Kettle Falls and Canada on the eastern side of Lake Roosevelt.
Mommy Dearest made my day by recognizing the "Silver Valley family of bloggers" for the Blogger Refection Award. The blogging family is myself, my brother at Kellogg Bloggin' and my sister at Silver Valley Stories and you can go here and read her heartwarming words. I appreciated her line "this family is Good People".

Rondi at May's Day recently also recognized me with the Blogger for Positive Global Change award. It gave me a good feeling inside to know I made a positive impact on a fellow teacher and that pictures of my bouquets made her smile. You can read about it here at May's Day , a lovely blog that shows me another part of the United States I want to visit. I will pass on the award on another post.

Last Sunday we did a road trip to the other side of Lake Roosevelt. We drove south on Highway 25 from Kettle Falls then headed up a country road that winds high above the lake. When we face west we can gaze across the lake and see our house from another point of view. The flat sandy land close to the shore is a row of houses below us. You can see roofs among the trees which is where our house it. Ten years ago we could see our house. It is amazing how quickly the pine trees have grown. I like to study what is behind my house across the lake. Bangs Mountain, which I took pictures from on another post here, is in view above the trees. The picture above shows a bay further up the road from our house. It is a favorite cove for fishermen, houseboaters, and sightseers from across the lake like me! The view at the top of the post shows when you look north up the lake toward the bridge at Kettle Falls. The lake widens and creates a beautiful bend in the landscape. You can see the mountains north close to Canada.
This last picture was taken as we were heading south and descending down the mountain road. I love the mix of grass, mountains, the lake, and trees in this picture. This view is close to Barnaby Island. What a road trip and what a way to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.


  1. Otis and I celebrated our first anniversary on Lake Roosevelt. So many beautiful beaches.

  2. What a great blog. And great pictures too.

  3. MD.. I am glad you discovered the beaches of Lake Roosevelt.
    Thanks for stopping by blindsighted one.

  4. I love these photos. Thanks for sharing them

  5. Don't we just have the most beautiful country here in the Northwest? I love just taking drives and appreciating the beauty.

    Our neighbor's have some relatives on their way here from the mid-west. I was with them yesterday when their relatives called from Montana - and went on and on and on about how beautiful it was. Made me think what it would be like seeing the Northwest for the first time. Pretty awesome, huh?

  6. Sian: thanks... i have a good subject to photograph. The lake.
    Jackie: We do live in a beautiful corner of the world. I love the Oregon Coast like you, but always want to return home to our mountains and trees.

  7. Congratulations on your much deserved award(s)!


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