Sibling Assignment #204: Winter Beauty

I gave Sibling Assignment #204. "Do a photo walk and take time to observe what beauty is created in nature". Post a series of pictures or do a slide show." Sister Carol's post is here and brother Bill's post is here

All three of us have been walking on the trail,in our backyards, and along the river recently and posting pictures that depict winter beauty. I did a few photo drives around town with my camera right after a snowfall. I ended up taking many of my photos from the car because I didn't want to try to use my cane and take pictures.

Recently I found a wide open spot west of home that the dogs can run free and get exercise. We happened to be there late afternoon many days so I was able to capture winter sky pictures as dusk was approaching.

I also walked around my yard and found beauty that was created in nature. I then created the following slideshow. I threw in a few of my favorite sunset photos also. Enjoy.

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