Sibling Writing Assignments

In the fall of 2006 my brother began a blog. It is titled kellogg bloggin' and he is known as raymond pert. A few months later my sister began her own entitled Silver Valley Stories. She is known as Silver Valley Girl. During the early months of the blogs my sister came up with the weekly Sibling Writing Assignment idea. Each week one of us chooses a topic for the three us of to write about. Soon after I began my blog as inlandempiregirl . We began posting these assignments each week. Above from the left is me, my brother, my sister.

The topics have ranged from memoir pieces about childhood events to photography assignments, to writing about music and art. The first one I posted was on February 23,2007. It was called "Handle With Care" and it was a memoir piece focusing on vivid memories of the public library growing up in Kellogg. We now are moving past 130 posts. You can find these all here in order from the newest to oldest here.

It has been a weekly activity that has brought the three of us that grew up in the same household in Kellogg much closer together. We have learned about events that we never had an understanding of, even though we all lived in the same house.

Through our writing we have seen our parents with new eyes, remembered our dad that left us too soon with humor and respect, and laughed out loud at the events of our lives. As we plan sibling outings when we can and connect through our blogs and Facebook, our family ties have grown deeper and stronger. Silver Valley Girl moved back to Kellogg, I live near Kettle Falls, Washington, and my brother resides in Eugene, Oregon.

We had all been involved in writing through our professions, personal interest, and groups we were part of before our blogs. These assignments have given each of us opportunities  to hone our writing skills each week as we continue to focus on poetry, memoir, historical fiction, plays, essays, and blog posts in our individual writing lives.
You can see the archives of the assignments here : sibling writing assignments.