Annie: Good-bye Hello

In the last few weeks our dear, loyal Springer Spaniel Annie has not been herself. The vet ran tests, prescribed meds, and gave us the best diagnosis he could. He felt Annie was in the early stages of liver disease. We had gone through this painful diagnosis with Shelby in the early summer. We were devastated.

We took her home and coddled her, loved on her, and prayed. One day last week she collapsed and couldn't walk. She wouldn't eat and was lethargic. Could this be the end? We carried her in to the vet and he wasn't sure all of it was liver disease. We took her home, changed her diet, and prayed even more.

On Tuesday night we cried and shared memories of Annie thinking she would need to be put to sleep on Wednesday. We didn't want her to suffer. It was a tough decision.

She was not ready to say good-bye. She got up on her own and ate. She came begging for people food in the kitchen. She headed out the doggie door and went outside. Her tail wiggled, she was Annie again.

It may be short-lived, but Hello Annie. What a joy to spend more time with her. Tucker was pleased also.


  1. It all comes down to the quality of life. The decision to euthanize is a hard one but must be done. We've had to make that decision on our first 2 dogs (english cocker spaniel and english springer spaniel). I have to admit the decision was the hardest I've had to make but I know in my heart it was the best.

  2. I'm so happy Annie has had a reprieve. I know you will treasure every extra moment you have with her!

  3. What a blessing! Love that girl!

  4. So happy you'd Annie has gifted you with a bit more time. ❤️


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