Annie: Good-bye Hello

In the last few weeks our dear, loyal Springer Spaniel Annie has not been herself. The vet ran tests, prescribed meds, and gave us the best diagnosis he could. He felt Annie was in the early stages of liver disease. We had gone through this painful diagnosis with Shelby in the early summer. We were devastated.

We took her home and coddled her, loved on her, and prayed. One day last week she collapsed and couldn't walk. She wouldn't eat and was lethargic. Could this be the end? We carried her in to the vet and he wasn't sure all of it was liver disease. We took her home, changed her diet, and prayed even more.

On Tuesday night we cried and shared memories of Annie thinking she would need to be put to sleep on Wednesday. We didn't want her to suffer. It was a tough decision.

She was not ready to say good-bye. She got up on her own and ate. She came begging for people food in the kitchen. She headed out the doggie door and went outside. Her tail wiggled, she was Annie again.

It may be short-lived, but Hello Annie. What a joy to spend more time with her. Tucker was pleased also.

Sibling Photo Assignment #11: A Study of Black and White: Annie and Tucker

 I gave the assignment once again this week.
What makes effective black and white photos? Is it the subject, the light, the composition? Take a series of photos in black and white, explaining why they are effective. I will post my siblings' posts when they are completed.

The coloring of my dogs and where I took these pictures just seemed right to being edited to black and white. In this case it is the subject. It is effective doing black and white images with dogs because it causes the viewer to focus more on the expressions or actions of the dogs. See what you think.

Sibling Photo Assignment #10: Road Trip

I gave the assignment again this week. . Road Trip: Get in your car before the end of Sunday and take pictures where the road takes you. Write about why you headed there to take pictures. Have fun. Brother Bill took picture in Manhattan. New York. You can find his photo assignment  here. Carol will soon post hers.

The road took us to Priest Lake. I had planned a photography workshop at Priest Lake in October. Not enough people registered, so I decided to take the money I had saved and do my own private photography workshop on Priest Lake My husband and dogs joined me in a relaxing road trip. Join us in a photo series of our trip.